Why I am blogging

The whole purpose of my blog is to bring awareness to the BRCA Gene mutation and to give you an insight into my life. Things haven’t been easy for me, even before my diagnosis, but I wanted to give people a deeper look into my life and my struggles. For those who know me, they will tell you I may be outgoing but I am a very “tough” person on the exterior. Only people closest to me know that I am overly sensitive and tend to put on a bravado persona than actually show my true emotions.

So on here, it’s going to be laid out for everyone to see. My day-to-day struggles, my worries, my fears, my hopes and my dreams. The good the bad and the ugly. Its going to be real and honest. I am a firm believer in say what you mean and mean what you say. It doesn’t matter if it upsets, it’s My truth, and to me when you say your truth, it might not be for everyone, but you can’t get knocked for saying your truth.

You’ll see those closest to me go deep and get raw with their emotions, I will vent on here and express frustrations, even if it has nothing to do with my surgery and constant struggles. This is an online diary of my life. Its going to be a wild ride, some may get offended and others may cry. My intentions with this is to just simply express myself in a healthy way and I won’t apologize for speaking my truth.

I hope my blog encourages others to be more proactive with their health and proactive with their lives in general, because life is not roses, you are in control of your destiny. So why wait? Why not make a change now? Because that’s what I am doing and I can only hope you will do the same.

I am keeping this one short and sweet!

Thanks for the love and support,

Much love,